At Renew Integrative Health, we help individuals overcome chronic pain with personalized chiropractic care and effective pain-management solutions.

We use an integrative, patient-centered, and movement-focused approach that improves quality of life and provides long-lasting results so you can fully commit to your health and experience true wellness.



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 "Dr. Jasinnas is amazing! She’s attentive and takes her time to educate you. I have seen her over the last few years. With her help I have regained a quality of life I didn’t know I was missing. The feeling of not being in constant pain. She’s helped me become more in tune with how my body moves and what it needs." - Alexandria C.

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"Dr. Leigh Ann is different from other chiropractors I've seen. She has great skills and was very thorough and thoughtful. The adjustment didn't feel rushed or forced. I sent my husband to see her after a fender bender and he had a great experience as well. We appreciate her positive integrative approach and plan to see her regularly!" - Nicole W.

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"Dr. Leigh Ann was a very important part of my healing. I started to see her shortly after I had a interruption in my PT for shoulder surgery. She was able to guide me through and I regained almost all range of motion to my shoulder. She is an awesome resource for multiple specialties and I am very grateful for all her care." - Kathy A.

Wondering if movement-based chiropractic care can lead to a more active & fulfilling life?

Let movement be the catalyst for your healing.

Through the integration of chiropractic care and exercise rehabilitation, our personalized treatment plans are designed to enhance the body's natural ability to repair and promote faster recovery times.